Corporate workshops

Book us for any corporate event and everyone will benefit from it. We can accommodate events of any size and can put together a really fun programme that all staff will benefit from.

Team building - A workforce acting  as a team can be very rewarding for everyone. Circus skills is a fun way to achieve this and can be structured around everyone working together towards one common end goal.

Adapting to change - Is change on the horizon in your workplace?  Taking part in a Circus Skills  workshop can really be an eye opener and a useful resilience tool. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in just ten minutes - learning something from scratch. 

Mindfulness - Learning any of the circus skills disciplines takes complete focus. If juggling, you will only be able to think about each throw and catch as they happen. This is a form of meditation as nothing else in the world exists. Just you, the equipment and gravity!

Maximising human potential - Making staff feel valued as you treat them to some fun sessions learning new skills can be just the injection of enthusiasm that the workplace needs. Here staff will feel empowered as they learn new skills in a short amount of time.

Stress relief - Learning a new discipline, such as juggling, requires your full focus and this can be refreshing and therapeutic. You will forget about the meeting that went wrong, or the email that was received the wrong way. Circus Skills workshops can inspire employees to take up a new hobby - positively adding to their work-life balance.